Some simple packing tips to ensure your goods stay safe and sound.

Home Appliances

  • Clean and thoroughly dry all appliances to prevent mould and rust.
  • Fill empty spaces with packing paper and securely wrap larger items.
  • Pack small appliances (kettles, toasters) individually in smaller-sized boxes.
  • Consult the manufacturer’s instructions before storing larger appliances (dishwashers, fridges, freezers, washers and dryers)  for special instructions to prevent damage.


  • Clean all furniture thoroughly and dry for 1–2 days before packing to prevent mould.
  • Dismantle furniture where appropriate to make packing easier.
  • Place any small items (screws, nuts and bolts) in a sealed bag taped to the underside of the piece.
  • Tape up doors and drawers and wrap furniture in protective blankets to prevent dust, moisture, dents and scratches.

Glassware & Dishes

  • Clean and dry items thoroughly before packing.
  • Wrap each item individually in bubble wrap.
  • For extra protection, fill empty spaces between items with packing paper.
  • Pack heavier items into boxes first with lighter items towards the top.

TVs & Electronics

  • Ensure that TVs and electronic goods are clean, dry, and dust-free.
  • Wrap the item in bubble wrap to prevent damage.
  • Store these items in their original boxes (if possible) or use similar-sized boxes with sufficient cushioning from styrofoam chips.
  • TVs are particularly sensitive items and temperature controlled storage is highly recommended if you plan on storing your TV long term.

Garage & Other Items

  • Remove all dust, dirt, plant matter, insects, and oil or dirty grease from gardening tools or other hardware items before packing.
  • Empty grass catchers and wheelbarrows or buckets to prevent rotting and insect infestation.
  • Drain fuel from fuel tanks of items such as lawnmowers or edge cutters to reduce the risk of fire in your WheeKeep.
  • Lightly grease any steel blades to protect them from rust.

Books, Documents & Files

  • Protect books, files and other paper-based items from sunlight and moisture.
  • Ensure your business records, collectables, and other paperwork or books are clean, dry and insect-free before packing.
  • Place a piece of grease-proof or tracing paper between books to prevent the covers from sticking to each other.
  • Pack documents, books and files into airtight containers before putting them into your WheeKeep.

How To Store

Ten simple steps to get the most from your portable storage unit.

1. Decide what items you would like to store and for how long. You might need long-term storage at our facility for your entire household, or just want to store your trade tools on the job site while you finish up a carpentry job, or anything in between.

2. Use our handy space calculator to determine the size and number of storage units you need to accommodate your goods safely and cost-effectively.

3. Choose your desired delivery date and use our online booking form to book ahead to ensure your WheeKeep arrives on time.

4. Once you’ve got your WheeKeep, you can take as long as you like to pack it, just let us know when you’re done and we’ll come pick it up.

5. But before you do, follow our handy packing tips to make sure your goods are kept in ship-shape while in transport and storage.

6. Most importantly, thoroughly clean, dry and wrap all items properly before storage.

7. Plan your storage layout before you start to and to maximise the space available.

8. Label your boxes carefully and clearly and keep an inventory of what is packed in each box so that it’s easy to know where to find things when you unpack.

9. A good idea is to find shapes that fit into each other and pack them together to save space.

10. For on-site storage, remember to pack items you’re most likely to want sooner or more often near the front of the storage shed and less well-used things toward the back.

Protection Tips

Ten easy steps to protect your goods in storage and transport.

1. The sturdy steel shell and wooden floor base of our WheeKeeps means that every box is pest-free, secure and weatherproof, whether at our secure storage site, in your backyard or on your job site.

2. The E-trak internal tie-down system inside your WheeKeep makes it easy to secure your items when packing to ensure they don’t slide around and get damaged during transport and storage.

3. Each WheeKeep is equipped with a secure locking system and only you have the key to your WheeKeep, so you’re confident that once you’ve packed and locked it up, it’s completely secure.

4. It’s a good idea to use blankets or drop clothes to cover your furniture items as these offer a bit of extra protection against dust, dents and scratches.

5. Plastic covers work well on mattresses and fabric lounges, but not for leather items which require ventilation to prevent mildew.

6. Place loose items into boxes and pack these tightly to prevent breakages due to items colliding with each other during transport and storage.

7. Avoid placing heavier items such as boxes of books on top of softer items such as fabric lounges or cushions to ensure they do not damage the softer items.

8. For long-term on-site storage, we recommend unpacking and cleaning out your WheeKeep from time to time to ensure your items remain in good condition and pest-free.

9. Talk to your home insurance company and let them know what you’re storing. They might automatically insure stored goods under your household cover, so it’s good to check.

10 If you don’t have household insurance, or you find out you’re not covered for storage, talk to our friendly team about getting the appropriate cover.

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