We’ve made storage simple with storage units that come to you.

For the first time in Jeddah, you can get your storage unit delivered to your door. Simply book your storage unit online with our secure booking system and we’ll deliver it to your door. We’ll leave you to pack it at your leisure, then come pick it up when you’re done and store it at our secure Jeddah storage facility until you need it. Contact us for re-delivery and we’ll drop it off wherever you need it.

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Need a portable storage space at your home or jobsite? No problem!

Our sturdy steel enclosed portable storage units are great for on-site storage. Use a WheeKeep as a garden shed in the backyard of your rental home, or safely store the tools of your trade in one of these right on the job site. Need to store some household items while you renovate, but still need to access them from time to time? You need an on-site WheeKeep. Whatever type of onsite storage you need, simply fill in our secure online booking form and we’ll deliver it to your door.

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When you’re moving, renovating, decluttering or about to set off on a big travel adventure the last thing you need is to shop around for packing supplies. We take the hassle out of getting it all together by providing a comprehensive range of packing supplies with everything you’ll ever need to safely pack your WheeKeep.

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Find out how much space you need today.

Not sure what size storage container you’re going to need? No problem. We have a variety of container sizes and you can find your perfect fit with our innovative online space calculator.

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