Frequently Asked Questions

Unit & Storage

Can I access my WheeKeep?

You may access your WheeKeep storage unit as often as needed with no additional charges at our warehousing facility. However, a charge of 199 SAR will be applied per round trip in case of delivery of the whole unit to you. Before accessing your WheeKeep, you’ll need to schedule the visit with ample notice (24 hours for warehouse visit, 48 hours for storage unit delivery). WheeKeep access can be scheduled by calling our Service team.


What materials are considered hazardous and cannot be stored in a WheeKeep unit?
“Hazardous Materials” shall include but not be limited to any hazardous or toxic chemical, gas, liquid, substance, material or waste that is or becomes regulated under any applicable local, state or federal law or regulation.


Are there shelves included in the WheeKeep unti?
No, there are no shelves included in the standard configuration of the storage unit. However, shelves can be requested as an additional feature, subject to availability.

Are my belongings and the WheeKeep unit secure while it’s at my location?
While the unit is at your location, please make sure to keep the roll-up door locked when you are not accessing the unit. This will help ensure the security of your WheeKeep and the items stored inside.


Does WheeKeep offer coverage for damage to the WheeKeep?
Yes, WheeKeeps offers insurance options. You are responsible for any damage to the unit while it is in your care and possession. This insurance option allows you to protect yourself against financial loss in the event the WheeKeep itself suffers any damage.


Are WheeKeep untis waterproof?
Yes, WheeKeep storage units are weather-resistant. The unit is designed to protect your items against typical weather conditions such as falling rain, ensuring that your belongings remain safe and dry.

Do WheeKeep units have eyelets or tie-downs for securing items?
Yes, the WheeKeep storage unit has e-track slots available, and customers can purchase straps from the WheeShop online shop while placing their order. The straps will help secure and organize your items within the storage unit.


What is the temperature inside a WheeKeep unti?
The highest temperature recorded inside a WheeKeep storage unit is 32 degrees Celsius. Our units are designed to provide insulation and ventilation to help maintain a controlled environment for your stored items, protecting them from extreme temperature fluctuations.


What are the different locking methods that can be used with WheeKeep units?
We offer two types of locking mechanisms for WheeKeeps. You can choose between traditional padlocks or high-tech locks, depending on your preference and security needs. Both options are designed to securely lock your WheeKeep unit and protect your stored items.


Scheduling & Delviery

Can I place my WheeKeep in a parking lot? What are the rules for that?

Yes, your WheeKeep can easily fit into one parking space, but our driver will need some extra room to deliver and pick it up.


How can I order a WheeKeep?

You can order your WheeKeeps via one of our communication channels which are website (, customer service (920022475). If you need assistance with ordering, our customer service team is available 24/7.


What times do you deliver the WheeKeeps?

Our deliveries usually begin at 8:30 am local time and will continue until all deliveries scheduled for that day are completed. You do not have to be present for us to deliver the WheeKeep for you. You can also check the delivery update once you log into your account.


Can I provide specific delivery instructions for my WheeKeep?

To add specific placement instructions, please contact our sales associate or customer service. They will assist you in providing the necessary instructions for the delivery.


How should I prepare for the final pick-up of my WheeKeep?

The night before your pick-up, you will receive a confirmation call from our sales team. They will check any outstanding balance and arrange the delivery time or site visit to collect your items accordingly.


Can multiple WheeKeeps fit in my driveway?

Yes, if your driveway can fit two vehicles side-by-side or end-to-end, it can likely accommodate two WheeKeep units.


I need more than one WheeKeep, but I don’t have enough space in front of my home/office. Can you stagger the delivery times of additional WheeKeeps?

Yes, WheeKeeps offer flexible delivery and pick-up days to ensure convenient loading and unloading. We can deliver and pick-up based on the day that suits your moving requirements.


How long does it usually take for a WheeKeep to be delivered to a new location?

The delivery time depends on various factors, including the availability of delivery vehicles and the distance to the delivery location. Our team will provide you with an estimated delivery time when you place your order

What is the correct street address format for WheeKeep delivery?

Please do not use abbreviations when entering your street address to minimize any error messages about street address formatting. Additionally, remember to provide the city, state, and zip code in the designated boxes for accurate delivery information.

Where can I place a WheeKeep?

While our units fit best on a flat, paved surface, we understand that it may not always be an option. In such cases, please call our Customer Care Team at 920022475 before your delivery date to discuss possible alternatives.

Packing & Loading

Do wheekeep offer Labor to load my WheeKeep?
WheeKeep utilizes local and experienced personnel to provide excellent loading services for your WheeKeeps. We prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure that our team is trained to handle your belongings with care and efficiency.


How do I pack itmes in my WheeKeep unit?

Using professional labor to load your WheeKeeps can provide multiple benefits. Our referred labor providers are experienced in maximizing the space within the WheeKeeps, ensuring efficient packing and loading techniques. By entrusting the heavy lifting to professionals, you can save time and effort while ensuring your belongings are properly secured.


Do my items need to be packed in a box?

For optimal protection and organization, we recommend wrapping, padding, or placing items in boxes before storing them in the WheeKeep. Properly wrapping and boxing your items not only makes loading easier but also provides an additional layer of protection during transportation and storage.


Do you have packing services?

Yes, we offer packing services provided by our professional team. They are capable of packing all your goods for long-term storage using special wrapping materials that provide maximum protection. Feel free to contact our Customer Service team for further assistance and to request packing services.


Everything Else

What Countries does WheeKeep service?

Currently, we operate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. However, we have plans to expand our services across the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC region in the near future.


I’m remodeling – is WheeKeep a good fit?

Absolutely! WheeKeep is an ideal solution for remodeling projects. Our WheeKeeps can be delivered to your home and loaded at your convenience. You can choose to store the WheeKeeps on-site or at a local WheeKeep storage center during the remodeling process.

What are WheeKeep Storage Center hours?

Our WheeKeep Storage Centers are typically open from 8 am to 3 pm, six days per week. Please note that all locations are closed on Fridays. You can access your stored items during the operating hours of the storage center


How safe will my belongings be?

At WheeKeep, the safety and security of your belongings are our top priorities. Only you have the key to your WheeKeeps, ensuring that you have exclusive access. Our Storage Centers feature sophisticated security systems, and our delivery trucks are equipped with a patented lift system that minimizes any shifting of contents while in transit.


Can I visit your facility?

Yes, you can schedule a visit to our facility. Simply contact our customer service team, and they will assist you in arranging a visit to our facility.


My Dashboard

How can I access my WheeKeep account online?

To log into your account, go to the homepage and click on the “login” button at the top of the page.


What is my Customer ID?

Your Customer ID or Customer Number is assigned once you place an order with Wheekeep. You can find the Customer Identification Number in your Order Summary emails or in your Order Confirmation document. If you can’t locate your Customer ID, you can still access your account with your email address or provide your phone number to a Wheekeep Customer Service Associate for further assistance.

How do I see my invoices?

You can log into your account at to view all your bills and invoices. If you have a specific question about an invoice, you can contact our Customer Service during business hours for further assistance.


Can I chat with an Customer Care Associate?

you will be able to chat with our Customer Service Team during the period from 8:30am until 11pm.


Do you have Real time tracker ?

We don’t have it at the moment, but such service is currently under implementation and will be released shortly. If you are registered in our system you will be notified once available via your prefered contacting option.



What type of merchandise/accessories can I purchase?

You can easily view and order merchandise items on our website. Simply visit our “Whee shop” page, where you will find a wide range of items accompanied by visuals. You can select the items you need and proceed to place your order.

What are the sizes of the boxes available?

Yes, we do offer various packing box options to cater to different customer needs. If you require a special-sized box, you can contact our customer service team, and they will make it happen for you.


Can I merchandise merchandise without aquiring the service ?

It’s simple! Visit our “Whee Shop” page and browse our available items and add them to your shopping bag. Once you have selected all the desired items, you can proceed to checkout and follow the prompts to complete your order.


Coorperate Relations

What are the benefits of an on-site storage WheeKeep?

Having an on-site storage WheeKeep offers numerous advantages. It saves time, money, and enhances safety while improving operational efficiency. WheeKeeps can be used for temporary or long-term storage needs, providing flexibility. Here are some benefits of using an on-site storage unit:

-Secure space to store metals, tools, and supplies.
-Protection for high-value equipment from weather and theft.
-Provides a safe area for personnel on an organized jobsite or yard.
-Offers a weather-protected workspace or shed.
-Eliminates the need for frequent travel between suppliers, wholesalers, and home offices.


How much does it cost to have a shipping WheeKeep delivered?

Wheekeep charge by Truck trip (can load one 12Ft and one 8ft or 3 8ft per delivery) with a charge of 199 per roundtrip.


Are WheeKeeps waterproof to protect stored items?

Yes, WheeKeeps are designed to be waterproof. They are constructed using materials that prevent water from entering inside the unit, ensuring the stored items remain protected.


How secure are shipping WheeKeep doors?

The doors of shipping WheeKeeps are designed to maintain a high level of security. They are built to withstand handling and outdoor elements since they are frequently used for transporting goods and outdoor storage. These robust doors provide reliable protection for the contents stored inside.


Pricing & Billing

Can I extend my rental period if I initially rented for one month but need more time?

Yes, you can keep the rental for as long as you like. We offer flexibility to accommodate changing plans. You will be billed monthly until the unit is emptied, and you can schedule its pickup by contacting us..

Will I receive a refund if I cancel my rental?

Refunds are provided based on the cancellation timing. To cancel your order and avoid cancellation fees, please contact our Customer Service before 5 pm local time on the day prior to your scheduled delivery. Remember to speak directly with an Associate to cancel your WheeKeep order.


When will I be charged for my move?

The billing for your move will be charged 1 day before your Initial Delivery or Re-Delivery service date. Your monthly rental charges will be billed on your anniversary date.


How can I check my account balance?

Simply contact our Customer Service team and they should be able to fetch it out for you immediately and send via email if requested accordingly.


Can I pay the driver directly by Mada or cash?

You can conveniently make the payment via Mada on the delivery date as our delivery team is equipped with a POS system. However, please note that we are unable to accept cash payments due to company regulations and restrictions.


What are the available payment methods?

Wheekeep accepts all payment methods such as debit card, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Mada.


What discounts are available?

Wheekeep offers two discount schemes that can be applied either by ordering 4 or more WheeKeeps or by opting for a yearly service with complete payment.


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