Moving Storage Units

Need your stored items on-site? No problem!
If you’re moving to a new house or office and need an affordable way for moving your belongings, our moving storage units provide safe, secure and affordable storage solutions.

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How Moving Works

We Deliver To You
Our portable WheeKeeps offer convenient, secure, affordable storage solutions for domestic or commercial storage.
You Pack, And Lock.
Take your time filling up your WheeKeep units with all your belongings and use your own locks to secure them.
We Move To Your New Address.
We deliver your WheeKeep to your new location. We can also store it at our facility for later delivery.

What’s your Next move?

Feel confident knowing your goods are securely stored whether you’re
  • Moving Houses or Offices
  • Storing Between Moves
  • Decluttering & Styling
  • Moving Locally
  • Renovating
  • Moving out of your parents house

Why Choose Us?

We are disrupting the storage industry by offering portable storage solutions that are:
We make storing your items easy. We deliver and store your WheeKeep units at our secure facility. We make it easy for you to access and retrieve your storage when you need it by visiting our facility or by delivering your WheeKeep units to you.
Your belongings are kept in excellent condition in our clean, weatherproof storage units.
Your WheeKeep units are locked using your own locks (Only YOU hold the keys). Stored in a secure facility, monitored by CCTV cameras 24/7, on-site guards, and a state-of-the-art fire alarm system.
Our competing pricing plans ensure that our storage solutions are truly affordable.

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