On-Site Strorage Units

Need your stored items on-site? No problem!
Our WheeKeeps are the perfect on-site storage units made tough and durable, they are weatherproof and sturdy enough to hold their own anywhere from backyards to construction or industrial worksites. The perfect solution to free up space while still keeping your goods close at hand.

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How our On-Site Storage Units Work

We Deliver To You
Our portable WheeKeeps offer convenient, secure, affordable storage solutions for domestic or commercial storage.
You Pack, And Lock
Take your time and fill up your WheeKeep with all your belongings and use your own lock to secure it.
WheeKeep Remains onsite
Your WheeKeep remains on-site, and when you are done storing we will collect.

What’s your Next move?

Feel confident knowing your goods are securely stored whether you’re
  • Renovations
  • Event Management
  • Remodelling
  • Extra Space
  • Construction Jobs

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Get the convenient storage space for your business.