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What are the benefits of an on-site storage WheeKeep?

Having an on-site storage WheeKeep offers numerous advantages. It saves time, money, and enhances safety while improving operational efficiency. WheeKeeps can be used for temporary or long-term storage needs, providing flexibility. Here are some benefits of using an on-site storage unit:

-Secure space to store metals, tools, and supplies.
-Protection for high-value equipment from weather and theft.
-Provides a safe area for personnel on an organized jobsite or yard.
-Offers a weather-protected workspace or shed.
-Eliminates the need for frequent travel between suppliers, wholesalers, and home offices.


How much does it cost to have a shipping WheeKeep delivered?

Wheekeep charge by Truck trip (can load one 12Ft and one 8ft or 3 8ft per delivery) with a charge of 199 per roundtrip.


Are WheeKeeps waterproof to protect stored items?

Yes, WheeKeeps are designed to be waterproof. They are constructed using materials that prevent water from entering inside the unit, ensuring the stored items remain protected.


How secure are shipping WheeKeep doors?

The doors of shipping WheeKeeps are designed to maintain a high level of security. They are built to withstand handling and outdoor elements since they are frequently used for transporting goods and outdoor storage. These robust doors provide reliable protection for the contents stored inside.


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