Packing & Loading

Does wheekeep sell moving supplies?

Yes, we sell varoius boxe sizes, Wrapping Material, Tape and other helpful items to make moving easier.


Do wheekeep offer Labor to load my WheeKeep?

Wheekeep use local and experienced personal, and ensure providing excellency experience in loading WheeKeeps.


Why should I use the referred labor providers?

Using professional labor can help maximize WheeKeep space and provide expertise in packing and loading your belongings while allowing someone else to do the heavy lifting. By understanding your needs and special circumstances, the provider can make sure you receive the best combination of service and cost.


How do I pack my Wheekeep WheeKeep?

We recommend wrapping and boxing all items. For additional protection, tie down your items to prevent shifting during transit. Additional tips are located in all WheeKeeps inner door side.


Does WheeKeep offer hand trucks or dollies?

Hand trucks and dollies are available. If interested, contact our Customer Service team and an Associate will ensure providing it when delivering WheeKeeps.


Do my items need to be packed in a box?

We recommend that all items are wrapped, padded or placed in a box. Wrapping, padding and boxing your items will make it easier to load and will provide an extra layer of protection during transit and storage.


If I can’t fill an entire WheeKeep, what do I do?

Wheekeep WheeKeeps are designed to allow for partial household loads. There are E-track throughout the WheeKeep that permit securing the load.


How does WheeKeep prevent my contents from being damaged during the move?

Our professional drivers are experts at transporting our WheeKeeps. The use of Hydrolic Crane minimizes the possibility of shifting or damage.


How do you determine what normal shifting/improper packing is?

In the event a claim has to be filed, all causes of damage are determined via our expert team. In the absence of a specific event that would have caused the damage, and when there has been no mishandling of or damage to the WheeKeep this determination can be made.


Do you have packing services?

Yes we do have a professional team that is capable of packing all your goods for long term storage via special made wrapping material ( thicker than standared ) to insure maximum protection.


Can I store bike ? Do you have safe mode of bike while moving?

Yes, but it will have to comply with various regulations. In the event of storing a Motorbike you cant contact Customer service for further assistance.


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