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Can I access my WheeKeep?

You may access your WheeKeep storage unit as often as needed with no additional charges at our warehousing facility. However, a charge of 199 SAR will be applied per round trip in case of delivery of the whole unit to you. Before accessing your WheeKeep, you’ll need to schedule the visit with ample notice (24 hours for warehouse visit, 48 hours for storage unit delivery). WheeKeep access can be scheduled by calling our Service team.


What materials are considered hazardous and cannot be stored in a WheeKeep unit?
“Hazardous Materials” shall include but not be limited to any hazardous or toxic chemical, gas, liquid, substance, material or waste that is or becomes regulated under any applicable local, state or federal law or regulation.


Are there shelves included in the WheeKeep unti?
No, there are no shelves included in the standard configuration of the storage unit. However, shelves can be requested as an additional feature, subject to availability.

Are my belongings and the WheeKeep unit secure while it’s at my location?
While the unit is at your location, please make sure to keep the roll-up door locked when you are not accessing the unit. This will help ensure the security of your WheeKeep and the items stored inside.


Does WheeKeep offer coverage for damage to the WheeKeep?
Yes, WheeKeeps offers insurance options. You are responsible for any damage to the unit while it is in your care and possession. This insurance option allows you to protect yourself against financial loss in the event the WheeKeep itself suffers any damage.


Are WheeKeep untis waterproof?
Yes, WheeKeep storage units are weather-resistant. The unit is designed to protect your items against typical weather conditions such as falling rain, ensuring that your belongings remain safe and dry.

Do WheeKeep units have eyelets or tie-downs for securing items?
Yes, the WheeKeep storage unit has e-track slots available, and customers can purchase straps from the WheeShop online shop while placing their order. The straps will help secure and organize your items within the storage unit.


What is the temperature inside a WheeKeep unti?
The highest temperature recorded inside a WheeKeep storage unit is 32 degrees Celsius. Our units are designed to provide insulation and ventilation to help maintain a controlled environment for your stored items, protecting them from extreme temperature fluctuations.


What are the different locking methods that can be used with WheeKeep units?
We offer two types of locking mechanisms for WheeKeeps. You can choose between traditional padlocks or high-tech locks, depending on your preference and security needs. Both options are designed to securely lock your WheeKeep unit and protect your stored items.


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