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What type of lock should I use?

When you obtain the service of portable storage a new padlock is provided to lock the unit . Moreover, additional lock slot is provided incase you wanted to add additional lock for further safety assurance.


Can I put a car in a WheeKeep WheeKeep?
No, cars, motorized vehicles and lawnmowers are not allowed to be transported in storage units. but you can store motorbikes with certen criteria


What can’t I load in a WheeKeep?
Hazardous Materials such as toxic chemicals, gas, liquids, substance, material or waste, lawn mowers, motorized vehicles and illegal items


Can I access my WheeKeep WheeKeep?
You may access your WheeKeep Sotrage unit as often as needed with no additional charges in our warehousing facility. A charge of 199 will be applied per round trip incase of delivery to whole unit to you.Before accessing your WheeKeep, you’ll need to schedule the visit with ample notice (24h for warehouse visit, 48 hours for storage unit delivery). WheeKeep access can be scheduled through calling our Service team.


What is considered Hazardous Materials?
“Hazardous Materials” shall include but not be limited to any hazardous or toxic chemical, gas, liquid, substance, material or waste that is or becomes regulated under any applicable local, state or federal law or regulation.


What if I can’t open my WheeKeep door?
If you’re having trouble opening your WheeKeep door, items may have shifted during transit. You can reach us on via customer service to assist you further


Is there a weight limit?
“The maximum weight limit for our WheeKeeps are:
8’ WheeKeep = 2,300 Kg 12’ WheeKeep = 2,100 Kg. If you’re concerned that you may be approaching the maximum weight, pick out your heaviest items and look for comparable items online. Most retail websites will list the weight of their items. ”


What does the inside of a WheeKeep look like?
Although the container’s interior may depend on the model and size you receive, our containers are open spaces without obstructions or shelving.


How do I make a claim under this coverage?
To report damages, you can call customer service to proceed with claiming process accordingly


Are there shelves included in the WheeKeep?
There are no shelves in the storage unit, but it can be requested ( since available as fit in upon request )

Is the WheeKeep and my belongings safe while it is at my location?
While the container is at your location, please make sure to keep the roll up door locked when you are not accessing the container.


Does WheeKeep offer coverage for damage to the WheeKeep?
Yes, WheeKeeps offers insurance options.You are responsible for any damage to the container while the container is in your care and possession. This option gives you the opportunity to protect yourself against financial loss in the event the WheeKeeps itself suffers any damage.


What is not covered by the current insurrance option?
Damage resulting from improper packing, normal shifting or intentional acts by the customer to the contents or the WheeKeep is not protected. Wheekeep will also not assume liability for burglary and/or theft of personal property for on-site WheeKeeps.


What does WheeKeep current insurance cover?
The WheeKeep isnurance cover losses or damages to the container due to lightning, windstorm, hail, fire, smoke explosion, vandalism, riot, malicious mischief, falling objects, or auto accidents that may require a police report.


I would like to cancel or make changes to the coverage on my WheeKeep Storage unit
In order to cancel, add, or decrease the amount of insurance coverage, please call our cutomer service. Coverage can only be added or increased prior to the initial delivery of the empty container to your location. If you have coverage and wish to cancel, please keep in mind that once the coverage is cancelled, it can’t be added back to the account.


How is a WheeKeep unit moved?
Wheekeep delivery truck is equipped with a hydraulic lift system , designed to reduce shifting of your contents. It securely transports the WheeKeeps container to and from your location.


Are there any restrictions for using WheeKeep?
WheeKeeps units are permitted at most locations. If otherwise you will be informed at the time you place your order.


Are WheeKeep un its water-proof?
WheeKeeps are weather-resistant. The container is designed to protect your items against typical weather conditions such as falling rain.


Are there eyelets or Tie Downs in the WheeKeep?
WheeKeeps have e-track slots and the customer can buy straps from WheeKeep online shop while ordering ( from merchadise list ).


Are WheeKeep for sale?
Unfortunately, we do not sell WheeKeeps. When customers are looking for a flexible storage option, though, most people find us to be a great solution for their needs.


How many WheeKeeps should I order?
WheeKeeps are designed to accommodate a typical household. Larger households will require multiple containers. In general, each 8’ WheeKeep container (1.5 x 2.4 x 2.4 meters) may accommodate 1 room, each 12’ WheeKeep container (1.5 x 3.6 x 2.4 meters) may accommodate 2-3 rooms. Moreover, space calculator option in website can define estiamted number of WheeKeeps required.


What is the wind resistance of a WheeKeep?
WheeKeeps have been determined to withstand wind velocities of up to 110 mph winds when fully loaded, depending on weather conditions and container placement.


Do WheeKeeps have reflectors on them?
Our WheeKeeps does not have reflective tape on but it can be requested upon ordering.


How many M3 can accommodate 12 Ft
12′ WheeKeep is 13 meter cube


How many M3 can accommodate 8 Ft
8′ WheeKeep is 8.64 meter cube


What is length X height X width of 12 FT
12′ WheeKeep is 1.5 width x 3.6 length x 2.4 height


What is length X height X width of 8 FT
8′ WheeKeep is 1.5 width x 2.4 length x 2.4 height


What is temperature inside the WheeKeep’s
The highest tempreture recorded inside the WheeKeep is 32 degrees celcios


Can WheeKeeps be used for events
Yes, you can store items in various WheeKeeps ( that have unique number) and schedule delivery of particular WheeKeep to event location.


Do you have cold storage / temperature controlled?
Not at the moment but it is under development and should be updated on our webstite.


What are the locking method that can be used
We offer two types of locking mechanism which are Pad locks and high tech locks.


What are the WheeKeep made of ? Steel / Wood?
WheeKeeps are made of a steel frame with specially designed, aluminum skin sandwitch panels.


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