How to Store a Washer and Dryer in a Storage Unit

Figuring out what you’re going to do with bulky appliances during a move can be stressful. Or, maybe you just upgraded your washing and drying machines and need to figure out where to put them for the time being. 

Either way, self storage is an excellent solution. You can put your appliances out of sight and out of mind at a low monthly cost. 

We’ll show you how to store a washer and dryer in a storage unit in this guide, covering everything from picking your storage solution to disconnecting your appliances, moving them, and keeping them safe during storage. 

If you’re in Saudi Arabia looking for portable storage or even storage on site, look no further than WheeKeep. 

You can experience the most seamless process because we bring the storage unit right to your location so you can load it up without the hassle of transporting your appliances. 

Then, we’ll pick the unit up after it’s loaded and hold it in our secure, climate-controlled facility so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your belongings are protected. Find out firsthand why we’re among the best storage unit companies in the country today!

Choosing Your Storage Unit

First things first, you need to pick the perfect storage solution for your appliances. Like we just said, you can rest assured you’re getting the best possible experience by partnering with us here at WheeKeep. 

However, you still need to consider the sizing side of things along with cost, accessibility, and more. Here’s how you can choose your storage unit…

Sizing Your Needs

Figuring out how to pick a storage unit size is important so that you have ample space but aren’t paying for anything you don’t need. Start by measuring both the washer and dryer along with anything else you plan to store in the unit.

You need to make sure that you aren’t cramming everything in too tight. There needs to be ample ventilation and access around the units to prevent mold and mildew along while facilitating easy packing and unpacking. 

Climate Control

Fluctuations in temperature can cause condensation which might lead to rust or electrical issues. Given how expensive these appliances are, it’s worth investing a bit more for a climate controlled unit. 

These maintain stable temperature and humidity to avoid damage to the electronic and mechanical components. It will also make things more comfortable during those sweltering Saudi summers as you enter and exit your unit!

Accessibility and Security

Part of the hassle of storing things is getting to and from the facility to load/unpack your unit. So, think about location as well. How easy is it to get to and from the facility? 

Given how heavy appliances are, ground-level storage units are essential to help you avoid the backbreaking work of carrying a washer and dryer up the stairs. 

But as we mentioned earlier, you actually don’t have to stress about any of this – because we bring the storage unit right to your property. You can load it up at your leisure and then we’ll come pick it up and store it offsite – or, you can keep it on your premises if necessary.

You also need to take note of the security measures so that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your goods are safe and secure while not in your possession. Look into measures like surveillance cameras, secure locks, and restricted access to protect your valuable appliances from theft or damage.

Cost Considerations

Last but not least, how much is a portable storage unit? Or, how much do moving companies charge for storage? It all depends, but hear us out – you shouldn’t look at cost alone as a determinant. You often get what you pay for when you opt for the cheapest solution.

Instead, choose a unit based on the value you’re getting – think about features like ease of use, peace of mind, etc. Compare prices across several options and see which has the best package overall. 

If it still wasn’t clear, WheeKeep is your trusted choice for all things moving storage. Reach out today to learn more, otherwise, let’s get into how to store a washer and dryer in a storage unit below!

How to Store a Washer and Dryer in a Storage Unit

Just like learning how to store clothes in a storage unit or how to store furniture in a storage unit, storing a washer and dryer can be fairly simple and straightforward with the right partner, like WheeKeep. 

There are just a few things you need to know to streamline the process and protect your appliances during the move and while they’re in storage – starting with the importance of a thorough cleaning.

Clean the Washer Well

Running a wash and rinse through your appliance will help remove any detergent build-up and residues that could deteriorate its material over time. You can use vinegar if you’re looking for a household solution but a commercial washing machine cleaner will work better.

After the cleaning cycle, clean the drum, dispensers, and gaskets by hand using a mild soap solution to remove any lingering dirt and residues. 

You’ll then need to wait at least 24 hours to give the washer time to dry out. Leave the door open to facilitate this. The last thing you want is for your appliance to be stored with moisture trapped inside, as it could lead to unpleasant odors or worse, mold growth.

If you can, we recommend removing the detergent dispensers from the unit so they can air out separately. These may not dry out inside the unit for a few days otherwise.

Disconnecting the Appliances 

Once you’re sure the washer is dry and ready to be put into storage, disconnect it along with the dryer using the manufacturer’s instructions. Unplug the washer and dryer and turn off the water supply.

Then, carefully disconnect the hoses from the wall and the machines. Drain all water from the hoses and internal mechanisms to prevent freezing in unheated storage environments or mold in hot climates. Keep the power cords secure and neatly coiled up next to the appliances.

Remove Parts From Both Appliances if Possible

Let’s face it – washers and dryers are heavy and hard to move. This is why we recommend removing any parts you can to make the process a bit lighter and more manageable.

This includes lint filters, hoses, and racks. Store them separately in clearly labeled bags so you can easily reassemble everything when you take the appliances out of storage.

Safely Moving the Appliances 

As you get ready to move the appliances into storage, tape the doors shut to prevent them from swinging open during the move or pinching your hands.

Be realistic with yourself about your abilities and make sure you have enough help for actually lifting and moving the appliances. If you don’t already have one, take the time to find a dolly so you can just lift the washer and dryer once and then easily push them around. Secure them with straps so they don’t fall off during transportation.

Best Practices During Storage

Protect your appliances with moving blankets or other padded materials wrapped securely around them to avoid scratches and dents during transportation. Pay special attention to corners and protruding parts, as these are most susceptible to damage.

Once in the storage unit, position your washer and dryer off the floor on pallets to protect them from any potential water damage if flooding occurs. This is not something you need to worry about with WheeKeep but it’s better to be safe than sorry if you’re going with someone else!

While it’s tempting to use all the vertical space in your facility, we don’t recommend stacking anything with substantial weight on top of your appliances, as this could compromise their structural integrity.

If storing in a non-climate-controlled unit, consider using moisture absorbers and ensure the unit is well-ventilated to control humidity. 

We also advise you to check on your appliances every so often by paying a visit to the storage facility. This will help you catch any issues early on and avoid unpleasant surprises when you go to take your items out of storage. 

If you’re trying to make the most of your limited storage place, be sure to read through our guides on how to organize your storage unit and how to pack a self storage unit. Otherwise, you should now feel confident in how to store washers and dryers in storage units! There’s just one thing left to do…

Experience Seamless Self-Storage for Your Appliances With WheeKeep!

If you don’t already have your storage solution figured out, look no further than WheeKeep – the leading storage solution provider in Saudi Arabia. We simplify storage while offering you peace of mind knowing your goods are safe and secure.

You gain access to a range of unit sizes and customizable options tailored to accommodate everything from household appliances to personal belongings. 

Our storage space calculator eliminates any stress and uncertainty about which solution is right for you, and our helpful customer service team is always available to walk you through the process.

Our facilities feature climate-controlled units to ensure your appliances are stored under optimal conditions, guarding against humidity and temperature fluctuations. Security measures include around-the-clock surveillance, state-of-the-art security systems, and only you hold the key to your unit.

We deliver storage units directly to your door, allowing you to load your appliances at your convenience. Once packed, we transport the unit to our secure facility or, if you prefer, keep it on-site at your location. When you’re ready, we can move your stored items to a new address or you can retrieve them with ease.

You’ll also get incredible value through our affordable pricing plans, as we’re on a mission to make high-quality storage solutions more accessible to all in Saudi Arabia. 

So, what are you waiting for? As we wrap up our guide on how to store a washer and dryer in a storage unit, get started today.

Final Thoughts on How to Store a Washer and Dryer in a Storage Unit

Storing a washer and dryer in a storage unit can help you facilitate moves without the headaches or buy you some time to sell your appliances after upgrading to the latest and greatest technology. 

As you can see, it’s fairly simple – just pick your storage unit, prepare the appliances, and move them in using the tips we’ve shared in this guide. 

Our blog has additional resources such as what can you store in a storage unit, how safe is self storage, what is portable storage, and how does self storage work

At this point, though, there’s only one thing left to do – choose your WheeKeep or reach out to learn more today. It’s time to put the stress of storage in the past for good!

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