How to Close a Storage Unit Securely: The Best Lock for a Storage Unit

Part of what makes WheeKeep the best storage unit company in all of Saudi Arabia is our commitment to security. You are the only one with the keys to your lock, and your unit is protected by our 24/7 on-site guards, CCTV cameras, and state-of-the-art alarm system.

Still, it’s important that you know how to close a storage unit properly. It’s also worth taking the time to do your research and get the best lock for a storage unit for the ultimate peace of mind.

We’ll cover both of these aspects today to help you feel more confident storing your goods with us, whether you’re moving to a new location or simply decluttering your home. Learn more about our self storage rental process today and see why Saudis trust us with their most important belongings!

Why Your Storage Unit Lock Matters 

You may be wondering, how safe is self storage? When you partner with WheeKeep, it doesn’t get any safer! But even though our facilities are as safe and secure as you’ll find, it’s still essential to do your due diligence in choosing a quality lock. Here’s why…

Protection Against Theft

The obvious reason to invest in a premium quality lock is to prevent theft. Storage units often contain valuable items, from personal belongings to important documents or even business inventory. 

A high-quality lock acts as the first line of defense against break-ins. It makes it significantly harder for thieves to access your belongings, thereby reducing the risk of theft substantially. 

Ease of Access

While security is paramount, the ease of access is also essential. The best locks balance high security with user convenience, ensuring that while unauthorized users cannot gain entry, the rightful owner can access their belongings without hassle. 

Advanced locks come equipped with features like keypads or smart access, which provide a seamless access experience without compromising on security. This way, you don’t have to stress about losing a key.

Insurance Compliance

Many insurance companies require proof of adequate security measures before they cover the contents of a storage unit. If you’re trying to get a policy for your items, this is something to discuss with your provider.

A high-quality lock not only helps in complying with these insurance policies but may also affect the terms of your coverage. Using an approved lock might lower premiums or improve claim validity in case of theft or damage.

Peace of Mind

At the end of the day, the thought of your items being at risk of theft is enough to keep you awake. If for no other reason than to put these worries behind you, invest in a high-quality storage unit lock. So, what should you look for?

What to Look for in the Best Lock for a Storage Unit

There are so many different types of locks you have at your disposal, and you also need to think about material/build quality, security features, pricing, and more. We’ll cover all this below before giving you some of our top recommendations for a storage unit lock.

Lock Type

Different types of locks offer varying levels of security for storage units. There are also differences in terms of ease of use and pricing to account for. Here are the most common:

  • Padlocks: Traditional and versatile, but vary greatly in quality. Opt for one with a hardened steel shackle that is resistant to cutting and sawing.
  • Disc Locks: Designed specifically for storage units, these offer excellent security and are harder to cut because they have a shorter shackle. Their round shape also helps resist tampering tools.
  • Cylinder Locks: These locks are integrated directly into the door of the storage unit, making them less exposed and therefore more secure against bolt cutters or other forced entry tools.

Material and Build Quality

Think about what the lock itself is made from when choosing one for your storage unit. A lock made from hardened steel offers high resistance to cutting and breaking. It’s one of the best materials for locks exposed to outdoor conditions.

You should also prioritize locks that are treated to resist rust and corrosion, especially important if your storage unit is in a humid area or subject to varying weather conditions.

Security Features

Advanced security features can elevate the performance of a lock while offering additional peace of mind. Here are a few that you may want to be on the lookout for:

  • Double Locking Mechanism: A lock that secures the shackle at both ends provides extra security against prying and pulling attacks.
  • Anti-Pick Design: High-quality locks often feature complex pin configurations that are difficult to pick, making them more secure against lockpicking attempts.
  • Drill-resistant: Some locks have hardened plates or anti-drill discs, which make it difficult for thieves to drill into the lock without damaging their tools.

Our Top Recommendations

Not sure where to start your search for the perfect lock? We actually allow you to add one on to your purchase here at WheeKeep, which we’ll provide you at the time of delivering your storage unit. More on that in a moment. If you want to buy your own lock, here are two we recommend:

ABUS 24/70 Diskus Stainless Steel Padlock Keyed Alike

This lock offers superior security with its 360-degree all-around protection. It’s made entirely of stainless steel to resist dust, corrosion, drilling, and pulling, making it ideal for demanding environments. 

Featuring an anti-cut plate and a high number of key variations, this padlock ensures reliable protection against tampering and forced entry. It comes with two keys for added convenience.

BRINKS Heavy Duty Combination Padlock

This lock features a chrome-plated, 80mm body with a hardened steel shackle for maximum cut resistance. Its shielded design minimizes shackle exposure, enhancing security against cutting. 

Equipped with a 4-pin tumbler and a steel bar locking mechanism, this padlock offers excellent pick resistance. The resettable 4-dial combination allows for personalized security, making it perfect for securing storage units.

How to Close a Storage Unit Securely

Now, if you came here to learn how to close a storage unit securely, you’re in luck. It’s fairly simple and straightforward:

  • Check the Unit’s Integrity: Check for any damage to the door, hinges, and walls that could compromise security. Report any issues to the facility management immediately.
  • Organize and Pack Strategically: Arrange items in a way that doesn’t obstruct the door or put undue pressure on it when closed. Heavy items should be placed at the bottom and towards the back to prevent shifting that could potentially jam the door. We have more tips on how to pack a self storage unit in general or how to organize your storage unit.
  • Double-Check Closure: Before locking, ensure that the door closes smoothly and aligns properly with the locking mechanism. A door that is not correctly aligned may not lock securely, leaving your unit vulnerable.
  • Lock the Unit: Insert your lock through the door’s hasp loop, ensuring it goes through both the catch and the hasp. If your storage unit uses a built-in lock, ensure it clicks into place securely.
  • Double-Check the Lock: After locking, tug on the lock to make sure it is properly fastened and the door does not open.

There you have it, how to close a storage unit! You can now rest assured your items are safe and secure from theft or vandalism. The only thing left to do now? Invest in the best Saudi Arabian storage solution at WheeKeep!

Stop Stressing About Security, Store Your Goods With WheeKeep!

We know that storing valuable items out of sight can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. By pairing a high-quality lock with our safe, secure storage units, you can enjoy peace of mind!

So, how does self storage work at WheeKeep? It’s as seamless a process as you’ll find. It all starts by choosing your storage unit size. This is something you can count on us to help you with, either via our customer service team or our intuitive storage space calculator.

From there, you’re able to pick from a variety of storage solutions:

  • Moving storage units: Perfect if you’re planning a move but aren’t ready to head to your new location yet. You can load up the storage unit and once it’s ready to be unloaded, we’ll deliver it to the new destination.
  • On-site storage units: Need to keep your goods on-site? This is a common solution for businesses that have outgrown their office or warehouse needing to store inventory, business documents, and more.
  • Portable storage units: This is our most popular choice. What is portable storage, you ask? We’ll deliver a unit for you to load up at your convenience. Then, we’ll haul it back to our facility for off-site storage.

Across all these different solutions you’ll enjoy world-class service and peace of mind knowing your goods are safe and secure. After all, you’re the only one with a key to your lock! 

Our facilities are equipped with on-site guards patrolling the premises, security cameras, and integrated alarm systems. If you still need a storage unit lock, you can choose to add one to your order when you go through the booking process. 

Parting Thoughts on Choosing the Best Lock for a Storage Unit

Now that you know how to close a storage unit and how to choose the best lock for a storage unit, you can stop worrying about the safety and security of your goods.

Just remember to choose the right type of lock, either a disc or cylinder lock, and look for locks made from hardened steel and consider features like anti-pick mechanisms and weather resistance. We’ve shared a few great choices, and we even have our own locks here at WheeKeep that you can add to your order.

Speaking of which, the best way to enjoy peace of mind protecting your goods is by partnering with us, the most trusted choice in Saudi Arabia. Our facility is guarded, monitored, and set up with alarms so you can rest assured your most important items are safe.

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So, what are you waiting for? Secure your belongings with confidence by selecting the best storage provider and lock for your needs today!

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