Moving Out of Storage Unit: How to Close Out Your Contract and Transport Your Items With Ease

You probably did quite a bit of research before choosing a storage provider, and you may even have taken steps to learn how to pack a self storage unit to make the most of the experience. But what about moving out of a storage unit?

Adhering to the proper storage unit move-out process can streamline things and ensure smooth sailing on your next journey. It’s also essential for preventing fees associated with improper move-out practices.

From reviewing your contract and picking a move-out date to notifying your storage provider, settling your account if necessary, and actually executing the move to your next destination – we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to move out of a storage unit below.

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Understanding the Requirements for Moving Out of Storage Unit

The actual process of moving out of a storage unit is designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible. Chances are your original contract will lay out the terms by which this process should go – so start there.

Reviewing Your Contract

Your storage unit contract has essential information about the terms of your rental agreement, including policies on moving out. 

Pay special attention to any stipulations regarding notice periods and conditions for leaving the unit. This will help you avoid any potential fees or penalties for non-compliance. 

For example, many storage unit companies require a notice of 30 days before moving out, otherwise, you may have to pay a fee. Similarly, you may have signed a contract for 6 months or 12 months – leaving early will have monetary consequences as well.

Picking a Move-Out Date

Choose a move-out date that aligns with the requirements of your contract and your own personal schedule. It’s important to select a date that gives you enough time to organize, pack, and clean the unit before vacating. 

Keep in mind that you can technically take your goods out of the storage unit whenever you want – you just may need to pay for the full rental period if you signed a contract.

Notifying Storage Provider

Just as you need to inform your landlord prior to moving out, you should notify your storage provider of your desired move-out date. 

As we briefly touched on earlier, most facilities require written notice a certain number of days or weeks before moving out of storage unit. This allows them to manage your account effectively and prepare for the next renter.

Final Account Settlement

Make sure you don’t owe any payments before officially moving out. Check if there are any refundable deposits and understand the conditions under which you can receive these funds back. 

Clearing your account also involves confirming that you’ve adhered to any contractual obligations, ensuring that you part ways with the storage provider on good terms.

Tips for Facilitating a Seamless Move to Your Next Destination

Maybe you’re taking your goods out of storage and moving them to your new home or office. Or, perhaps you’re bringing them back to your property after a renovation. 

Whatever the case, moving can be stressful and exhausting. Here are some tips on how to move out of a storage unit to ensure a seamless, stress-free experience.

Scheduling and Planning

Start by creating a detailed timeline that outlines every step of the move, from packing to transportation to unpacking. Allocate sufficient time for each phase, considering any potential setbacks. 

We suggest using a checklist to track progress and stay organized. Ensure you reserve any necessary equipment or vehicles well in advance to avoid last-minute hassles.

Hiring Professional Movers vs DIY

Given the hassle and headaches of manually moving items yourself, especially if you don’t have a large enough vehicle, it might make more sense to hire professional movers instead.

They offer convenience and efficiency, especially for large or heavy items. Professionals are equipped to handle logistics and can significantly reduce the physical strain and time involved in moving. 

However, this option comes at a higher cost. So, how much do moving companies charge for storage and delivery of your goods? Don’t be surprised if you end up paying as much as SAR 300-1,000+ for local moves, and much more for moves across the country.

This is the appeal of doing it yourself when it comes to how to move out of a storage unit – it’s obviously the far more budget-friendly approach. You also retain complete control over your items, which can be a huge source of uncertainty and fear when entrusting them to a mover.

Just be aware that moving your own items requires more planning, physical effort, and coordination. If you choose DIY, consider recruiting friends or family to help and ensure you have the right tools and transport.

Transport Logistics

You need to carefully plan how you will transport your items from the storage unit to your new location. If renting a vehicle, choose one that adequately fits all your belongings to minimize trips. 

For long-distance moves, consider the cost of fuel and the feasibility of driving large vehicles over far distances. Ensure all items are secured during transport to prevent damage.

Unpacking, Cleaning, and Organizing Items

So you’ve finally arrived at your destination – now you get to move all your belongings once more. This time, for good.

Begin by systematically unpacking and organizing your items. Clean each item as you unpack to ensure that your new space stays orderly and tidy. 

Prioritize setting up essential areas first, such as the bedroom and kitchen, to make the transition smoother. Properly dispose of packing materials like boxes and bubble wrap to keep your space uncluttered. And there you have it – how to move out of a storage unit!

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Parting Thoughts on How to Move Out of a Storage Unit

Moving out of a storage unit doesn’t have to be a daunting task. This guide on how to move out of a storage unit should leave you feeling clear and confident in your next steps.

Just be sure to review your rental contract and ask your provider any questions if you’re still unsure of the agreed-upon procedure. The last thing you want is to be hit with unexpected fees because of a technicality in the contract.

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Remember, choosing the right storage provider like WheeKeep can make a significant difference in how secure, convenient, and flexible the experience of storing and moving your items is. 

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